To build a vibrant and authentic Apostolic community of churches across Canada.

Our aim is to build a community of churches and ministries that embrace the life giving and transformative power in the Holy Spirit to make authentic disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.



We value worship from the heart that expresses our love and thankfulness to God. Worship is more than words or songs. It reflects the highest value we place on honouring and glorifying our Father by following Jesus and fellowshipping with His Holy Spirit.


We see Church as a family. Members, ministry leaders, member churches are family members. We are committed to create an environment of belonging by manifesting genuine love, acceptance and support while respecting the unique mandate of each local church.


We believe and give priority to the purpose and role the Lord has given to us as a movement to fulfill His mission. We depend on serving our local communities and our global initiatives by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the grace He supplies.


We see the Church as a body. Like a body, Church is effective when every part is released to contribute to the whole. For each ministry relationship that we have been gifted with, we seek to RECOGNIZE the calling by respecting it’s value and encouraging it’s development; RESOURCE with tools, training and opportunity; RELEASE with empowering prayer, impartation and encouragement.


We see Jesus Christ as the active Head of the Church. We value the authoritative leadership of His Holy Spirit in directing our decisions as individuals and as a church body.


We aim to create an environment of genuineness. As leaders, we are committed to be lovingly open and honest with each other and hold each other accountable.